“visions of division”

'Non Grata, Visions of Division' by Non Grata, Videoclub and protoPLAY.

FRIDAY 1ST OF DECEMBER, 2006. 2PM - Lecture by Non Grata at Northbrook College
SATURDAY 2ND DECEMBER, 2006, 4PM - Non Grata/Videoclub Film and Video Festival.
SUNDAY 3RD DECEMBER, 2006, 6PM - Non Grata Live Art performance and video exhibition.

These events are free at The Basement, Argus Lofts, Kensington St, Brighton.
Non Grata will also give a lecture at Northbrook College on Friday 1st of December

protoPLAY curators, Nadege Derderian and Orion Maxted are presenting ‘Non Grata, Visions of Division’ is a multidisciplinary event that aims to promote the curatorial initiatives of the Estonian artists group ‘Non Grata’ and Brighton based organisation ‘Videoclub’, as well as Non Grata artistic work to audiences in Brighton.

The videos will be selected at the ‘12th Non Grata Film and Video Festival’ (the most renowned video festival in Estonia) through discussions between Non Grata, Videoclub and protoPLAY. The works are articulations of the theme“Pain in the Class” selected from Estonia, Finland, UK, USA, Sweden, Poland, Russia, Germany, France and Chile. The festival brings together visions of division from different countries and looks at how artists today are finding ways to think about and question
issues of class through video based work. What are the contemporary forms of segregation? Is there some international common ground of opinion and experiences? Who benefits from division?

Non Grata are perhaps most known for their radical and experimental performance work. They will make a collective Live Art performance at The Basement, where video and photographic pieces by Non Grata will also be displayed, retracing their work and actions from past years

Non Grata is a group of forty performance and video artists from Estonia. For over 15 years, they have been active in the international art scene as well as running their own art school. (More information and quotations are available on request, see also website below.)

Videoclub is a new showcasing opportunity in Brighton for artists who are pushing film, video and moving image practice. Videoclub is responding to the increasing interest in moving image work created by artists.

Nadege Derderian and Orion Maxted are Brighton-based curators of protoPLAY, an artist collective experimenting on creativity and collaborative approaches.

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In a recent work ‘The fundamental of the fundamental’, mathematical problems are solved artistically. There is a magical kind of transformation between Apollonian reason and Dionysian sensitivity. The work engages with a desire to locate foundational (cognitive) structures in a quasi-scientific process which suggests more than one type of truth.

The artist also co-organises protoPLAY events, an ongoing research in to collaboration and creativity. protoPLAY’s recent event DECONSTRUCTION/RECONSTRUCTION formed a structure for artists to come to live and work together. The reseach foregrounds the dissolution of authorial and stylistic boundaries, creating, through dynamic ambiguity, a larger space for dialogue, learning and possibility to emerge.


10 2006 ‘14th International Congress for Performance Art’, Montreal, CANADA. (Performance)

05 2006 ‘This Rough Magic – Process Transformation 12’. Brighton University, ENGLAND.

01 2006 ‘Process Transformation 10’, Brighton, ENGLAND, (Performance)

07 2005 ‘HolmBush Festival’, Exeter, ENGLAND, (Music, Perfomance)

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 06 2006 ‘DECONSTRUCTION/RECONSTRUCTION’, protoPLAY (Co-Organiser, Music, Installation, Live Art)

05 2006 ‘We Know Where To Find You’, protoPLAY. Permanent Gallery, Brighton, ENGLAND.

10 2005 ‘Creative Insurgency’ Artists from Britain and Estonia (Performance), The Basement, Brighton, ENGLAND.

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05 2006 ‘Incidents, protoPLAY in conversation with Monica Ross


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